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The English-Greek Translation Studies GLOSSARY (2007-)

On the compilation of the GLOSSARY...

The Translation Studies Glossary is compiled by undergraduate students through juxtaposition of Translation Studies works (written in English)  and their Greek target versions. It aims at creating a database of TS terms and concepts in Greek with a view to enhancing Greek translation studies discourse, enforcing communicative competence in Greek and consolidating the use of translation studies terms in English.

The need for compiling a TS glossary becomes evident in translation conferences where the language of the conference is Greek: in the Symposium on the Didactics of Traslation (organized by the University of Cyprus, Faculty of English Studies & Faculty of French Studies and Modern Languages, March 10, 2007) convenors from the foreign language faculties of Greek Universities agreed that a collection of Translation Studies terms and their rendition in Greek would be of paramount importance, because it would reveal preferences in term translation from foreign languages into Greek.  

The META-FRASEIS English-Greek TS glossary is a step towards the goal. It juxtaposes source English and Greek target TS texts to register the translators' agonizing effort to identify an appropriate term. (π.χ. target language: γλώσσα στόχος, γλώσσα υποδοχής, γλώσσα προορισμού κτλ.). It takes a descriptive, rather than prescriptive approach to the task, and aims at contributing to awareness of issues involved in term rendition, while it allows a close look at translation studies themes and debates.

The glossary is a result of undergraduate students' coordinated efforts and can be consulted by researchers who would need a closer look at issues involved in term rendition into Greek. Source/target texts consulted are:

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