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The Role of Translation in Tourism Advertising, Ph.D., 2014


Through an extensive analysis of Greek-English language pairs of translated tourism advertisements, this dissertation analyzes representations of self-images and images of the Other, traced through linguistic shifts in translation. It aims at highlighting the contribution of discourse analysis in shaping intended constructions of identity, along with other marketing considerations.

A central theoretical framework in this study is the sociologically oriented theory of Critical Cosmopolitanism (Delanty 2006a, 2011, Swain 2009), which seems to have the potential to account for aspects of meaning-making in tourism advertising discourse. The analysis reveals different assumptions in the construction and representation of identities of the host country and traveller, as well as of the culture as a whole. This is implemented by highlighting the role of certain values such as the appreciation of tradition, openness to other cultures, risk-taking in the travelling experience, consumptionism, escapism etc., as well as the distribution of power roles between host-traveller and cultures on the global tourism scale.

Findings raise awareness of how representations are perceived and constructed in the tourism business and of the formative potential of these practices on local identities. They also have consequences for training practices in tourism advertising and the translation of identities and self-representation practices. Results are expected to carve a path for appreciating the role of language and translation when it comes to planning an advertising campaign, but also will help raise awareness of the complexities involved in cultural communication and the construction of messages across cultures.

Three-member committee: Dr. Maria Sidiropoulou (supervisor), Dr. Spyronikolas Hoidas, Dr. Aggeliki Tzanne

On the seven-member committee: Dr. Freideriki Batsalia, Dr. Dionysis Goutsos, Dr. Polyxeni Moira, Dr. Panagiotis Kelandrias