Multimedial educational programme on translation

Universities are places where energy is recycled in many ways and in various directions: from teachers to students and backwards, from reseach to applications and vice versa, from one discipline to another and backwards. Translation practice - and the research perspectives associated with it - is an area where this interaction of forces allows multiple benefits.

Please, view the video The Meta-fraseis Programme thematics

The initial idea...

The META-FRASEIS Programme (coordinator and founding editor: Maria Sidiropoulou) attempts to capture part of the positive energy which is recycled in the translation courses and translation-oriented activities at university and make it accessible to everybody outside the university. Valuable energy has been contributed to this project, by:

  • undergraduate students who were involved in English-Greek parallel data selection, questionnaire answering and compiling the META-FRASEIS English-Greek Translation Studies Glossary (with a view to enhancing Translation Studies discourse in Greek)
  • researchers and postgrads whose work appears in the bilingual e-volume  (it appears both in Enhlish and in Greek) of the META-FRASEIS Programme Interlingual Perspectives - translation e-volume (with an international advisory board) opening up translation debates and issues to the public, and
  • the video presentations by the coordinator, highlighting aspects of research perspectives in the area of Translation Studies between English and Greek. Translation students have made valuable contributions here too and this effort returns to fellow students who are attending the translation courses. 

The META-FRASEIS Programme started in 2007, with the first videopresentation and the first version of the Eglish-Greek TS Glosary. The Interlingual Perspectives - translation e-valume appeared in 2010, with its first paper, and will be developing as long as the university favours recycling of positive energy...