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English-Greek News Creating Narratives: a translation perspective, Ph.D., 2012

The research adopts a narrative approach to explain how meaning is encoded in and produced by Greek translated press items. Analysis looks at news translated language and follows-up on reflection and construction of narratives as these are enacted by unforced translation shifts, understood and explained through the tool of framing.

The study mobilizes two sub-corpora, one political and one bio-medical, out of a wider parallel corpus of source (English) and target (Greek) texts  culled from three Greek newspapers, i.e. I Kathimerini, To Vima and Ta Nea (Greek version: 48,567 words). The political sub-corpus explores translations that re-narrate the American President B. Obama, while the bio-medical sub-corpus shows variation in the narratives on health and science, which circulate in the source and target environmnts.

Findings highlight cross-cultural variation which is landscaped through translation, identified and isolated through various narratives and played out in the institutional setting of newspapers. Apart from cross-newspaper differences in the articulation of narratives, findings consent that all three newspapers adopt a mediating behaviour in importing news through translation and employ, in varying degrees, framing strategies to advance their institutional agendas.

Three-member committee: Dr. Maria Sidiropoulou (supervisor), Dr. Sofia Papaefthymiou-Lytra, Dr. Efterpi Mitsi

On the seven-member committee: Dr. Spyronikolas Hoidas, Dr. Vasiliki Mitsikopoulou, Dr. Panayotis Kelandrias, Dr. Ioannis Saridakis