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T.E.G.MA. English-Greek Parallel Corpus Archive


The Meta-Fraseis Programme provides access to a parallel corpus of press articles which has been selected over the years and used for research purposes at the Faculty of English Language and Literature of the University of Athens. T.E.G.MA. (/'tigma/) is an English acronym and stands for Translated English-Greek MAterial. In Greek, the acronym alludes to τήγμα (melted object) drawing on the conceptual metaphor TRANSLATION= MELTING PROCESS where identities may be reshaped and ultimately changed.

The T.E.G.MA. parallel corpus comprises pairs of English original and Greek translated press articles. It has been compiled and used for syncronic translation research and, as time passes by, it may be uselul for diachronic research as well. The T.E.G.MA. article-pair lists are NOT exhaustive. They comprise as many article pairs could be traced by the coordinator and undergraduate or MA students at the translation classes of the Faculty of English.

The Meta-Fraseis  Programme makes available the lists of English and Greek headline pairs of the articles traced over the years, with the link to the corresponding version of the article. If links are not valid any more, the headline correspondences (title, source, date) may still be uselul for tracing the aticles otherwise. No permission has been received for creating digitised copies of this material to be used in corpus-based studies.

547 headline pairs are presented below per year of publication and target  publication site. The numbers in the parentheses stand for the number of headline pairs to be found in the relevant files.

2014 Avgi (7), Ethnos (4), Eleftherotypia (1), Kathimerini (62), Vima (19), LEFTeria news (3)

2013 Avgi (10), Ethnos (2), Kathimerini (4), Nea (1), Proto Thema (1), LEFTeria news (2)

2012 Αvgi (7), Nea (2), Vima (8), in.gr (2)

2011 Avgi (5), Eleftherotypia (42), Kathimerini (104), Nea (2), Rizospastis (1), Vima (53), presseurop(6)

2010 Eleftherotypia (2), Nea (1), Vima (3)

2009 Kathimerini (19), Nea(16) Vima (12) 

2008 Kathimerini (10), Nea (1), Vima (2)

2007 Imerisia (10), Kathimerini (44), Nea (31), Vima (5), ERT (1)

2006 Nea (15)

2005 Kathimerini (14), Nea (16), Vima (3)