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Maria Sidiropoulou is Professor of Translation Studies at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, School of Philosophy, University of Athens (299/26-9-2006, Τ.Γ'). She was president of the Interuniversity and Interfaculty Co-ordinating Committee of the Translation-Translatology MA Programme of the University of Athens, in 2009-2011 and director of the Language and Linguistics Department of the Faculty of English in 2004-2006. She teaches in two postgraduate programmes. Her recent publications (books, co-/edited volumes, articles) deal with intercultural issues manifested through translation in the press, in advertising, in EU documentation, in literature, in academic discourse, on stage and screen. She is founding member of the META-FRASEIS/ΜΕΤΑ-ΦΡΑΣΕΙΣ translation Programme.




  • 2012. Translating Identities on Stage and Screen. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars
    [Reviewed by: Geraldine Brodie, University College London, School of European Languages, Culture and Society, published online 21-3-2013, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, and Reviewed by: Christina Marinetti, University of Cardiff, U.K., assistant editor of the translation studies journal Target, published online 4-2013, Journal of Pragmatics 49 (1). 114-115].
  • 2004/2008. Linguistic Identities through Translation. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi
    [Reviewed by: Χu Jianzhong,Technological University College, Tianjin, China, Perspectives: Studies in Translatology 14 (2). 141-144]
  • 2003. Options in Translation – Cognitive and Cultural Meaning in English-Greek Translation. Athens: Sokolis.
  • 2002. Contrastive Linguistic Issues in Theatre and Film Translation. Athens: Typothito-G. Dardanos 

Co-/edited volumes/cd

 Articles/Contributions to volumes

Editorial/Advisory work

  • Founding Editor of the Interlingual Perspectives – translation e-volume (2010-2016) and of the Meta-Fraseis Programme (2007-)
  • Member of the international editorial board of the journal Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts (2014-) Amsterdam and New York: John Benjamins  
  • Member of the international advisory board of the mΤm journal (Minor Translating Major, Major Translating Minor, Minor Translating Minor), Athens: Diavlos 
  • Member of the international advisory board of the Revue Scientifique Syn-thèsesUniversity of Thessaloniki (2008-2010) 
  • Member of the international editorial board of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (ITT) journal (2010-), London: Routledge
  • Occasional refereeing for Meta – Translators’ Journal (2010, 2011, 2012), Perspectives: Studies in Translatology (2011), New Voices (2013), Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology (2014)
  • External examiner/moderator for the University of Surrey, UK, MA moderator in Translation (2010-2014) 
  • External examiner for the University of Manchester (UMIST/School of Languages, Linguistcs and Cultures, MAs 2002-2008, Ph.Ds 2013, 2014)) 

Invited Lectures

  • National and Kapodistrian Univesity of Athens, 9th Im/politeness and Globalization Conference, 1-3 July, 2015.Topic: Winds of Change? Voicing im/politeness in English-Greek translated political science discourse, in plenary 03/07/2015.
  • University of Warwick, Coventry, U.K., Centre for Applied Linguistics, Lecture Topic: Inter-/Intra-Cultural Variation through Translation, 18/02/2015.
  • University of Aston, Birmingham, UK, School of Languages and Social Sciences, Lecture Topic: Approaches to Translational Data: The English-Greek Paradigm, 19/02/2015.
  • Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Lecture topic: Historical Experience through Translation, 11/4/ 2013.
  • University of Manchester, UK, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, School of Modern Languages, Lecture Topics: Socio-Political Narratives in translated English-Greek News Headlines 26/5/2010 & Shifting Identities on Stage 27/5/2010.
  • European Commission Directorate-General for Translation, Training Unit R.4 in BRUSSELS and LUXEMBOURG, Lecture topic: Greek and English Linguistic Identities in the EU: a translation perspective, 25 and 26/6/2009.
  • University of Cyprus, Department of English, Department of French Studies and Modern Languages. Lecture topic: Cultural Allusions in Translation: A Didactic Perspective, 10/3/2007.
  • University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of French Studies, Round Table Discussion: Translation Studies in Greece: Present and Future, 3/11/2006.
  • University of Manchester, UK, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, School of Modern Languages, Seminar open to the public, Lecture Topic: Identities in Advertisement Translation, 27/10/2003.
  • University of Aston, Birmingham, UK, Institute for the Study of Language and Society, Lecture Topic: Identities in Advertisement Translation, 28/10/2003.
  • University of Lalaguna, Τenerife,Spain (Erasmus exchange programme, postgraduate and undergraduate lecturing), 5/1994.