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Choice and Difference in Translation international conference - Photo archive, Dec. 3-6, 2003

The broad range of topics debated at the Choice and Difference in Translation international conference University of Athens, 3-6 December 2003, addressed several aspects of communication through translation and contributed insights on the nature and significance of intercultural transfer. Conference Programme. Invited speakers:

  • Mona Baker, University of Manchester, UK (Identity Politics and the Notion of the 'Translator')
  • Christina Schaeffner, University of Aston, UK (The Roof is an Umbrella: Metaphor in Translation)
  • Anthony Pym, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain (Risk Analysis in Translation Process)
  • Daniel Gile, Lumiere Lyon 2 University, France (Linguistic Identity: A Relativistic View

Conference publications [University of Athens 2004, Peter Lang 2005]

Sidiropoulou, Maria and Anastasia Papaconstantinou (eds). 2004. Choice and Difference in Translation - The Specifics of Transfer. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

[Preface: Anastasa Papaconstantinou, Opening address of the Chair of the Faculty: Sophia Papaefthymiou-Lytra. Contributors: 1. Variation and Interdisciplinarity in Translation: Anthony Pym, Severine Hubscher, Maria Sidiropoulou, 2. Difference in Tranlation and Generic Conventions: Alexander Kunzli, Ekaterini Halmoukou, Maria Antoniou, Linda Dewolf, Elisa Perego, Pavlina Ferfeli, Sandrine Alegre, 3. Diversity in LSP Translation: Anastasia Parianou/Panayotis Kelandrias, Ekaterini Nikolarea, Marianne Katsoyannou/Constandina Economou/Georgios Floros, 4. Teaching and NLP Applications: Anastasia Papaconstantinou, Ada Kords-Savva, Christina Alexandris, Closing Section: Research Methods and Consequences of Translation Practices]

Maria Sidiropoulou (ed). 2005. Identity and Difference - Translation Shaping Culture. Bern: Peter Lang.

[Maria Sidiropoulou "Introduction - Transforming National Cultures", Pertti Hietaranta "Language, culture and the Internet: to globalize or not to globalize through translation?", Christina Schaeffner "A roof is an umbrella: Metaphor, culture and translation", John Sanderson "Translating Woody Allen's New York: Translation strategies and the polysystem", Efterpi Mitsi "Translation at the Margins: Racine and the translation of Aristotle's Poetics", Jean Peeters "Localizing and Globalizing trends in Language through the Looking Glass", Adnan K. Abdulla "Heminway in Arabic: A study of literary Transformation", Carlos Machado "Surrealism and Translation in opposition", Nadezda Stojkovic "Translation as a means of deepening one's identity".